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Our production program

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Quality of our products

ITG W?rmetechnik GmbH Wien is the company, a member of the group of companies GRIZELJ d.d and today it presents a modern company, which in step with the time, basis its work on overall quality management.

For market strategy of the company the following is important:

  • long-time experience
  • direct and flexible delivery
  • balanced relation price/ efficiency

Our company works on:

  • development
  • production and
  • selling thermoenergetics equipment and devices

We think on the future!


The high quality of products which meets requests and expectations of our customers in terms of reliability and long-term life with low cost of maintenance and simple installation -those are core elements for each next level of development.

Those are main elements of business philosophy of the ITG W?rmetechnik GmbH company, and at the same time basis for profession and further expansion.

Example from the practise: Decrease of emission (especially NOx ), increase of level of utilisation, the best possible construction of boiler with new materials, modernization of design, European norms and guidelines- requirements and services, which each ITG product meets.

We are very familiar with requirements of heating system users in terms of energy savings and environmental protection.


Production is carried out in modern equipped factory.

Outlook of production program

heating boilers
water treatment - system of water softening
split filter systems
expansion system
thermal substations

Materials in use and production itself is being monitored and controlled continuously. This is how reliable construction elements are final products are being produced.

Today many of our products are in use, with pleasure of our customers.

Upon you request we can provide you with more detailed information on our products.

More economic energetics with all its modern requirements is with us in the best hands.


Program of selling consist of selling of devices and thermoenergetics equipment from our own production program as well as selling of the following products:

gas stations (pressure regulating, metering, and regulating - metering stations)
gas infra red heater (controlled in GWI, with CE sign)
level probe and
level relays for level probe
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